Am Hart. Who does the snake belong to?

Am Hart.  Who does the snake belong to?
Photo: Munich Fire Brigade

Franz-Metzner-Straße – The corn snake was caught by the fire department and is now waiting for its owner at the reptile shelter.

The residents of the family home noticed a brown snake about one meter long on a woodpile in their yard. Unable to identify the snake as a native species, they called the fire department.

Alarmed, the small alert machine took a picture of the snake in its sunny spot and sent it to a colleague who knows snakes. He was able to identify the animal as a harmless corn snake. The rescuers at the scene carefully slipped the snake into the snake bag and took it to the nearest fire station. A reptile sanctuary was then contacted where the animal was then surrendered for care.

If anyone recognizes the snake or misses it, please contact the reptile shelter on Kaulbachstraße.

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