ARD magazine “Live after nine” was interrupted after a fire alarm

As soon as the show started, “Live after Nine” ended on Friday. A fire alarm meant the magazine broadcast live by WDR in Cologne had to be temporarily suspended. When moderate duo Isabel Varell and Tim Schreder spoke again after a short film to announce their next contribution, a loud alarm was already heard in the background.

A few minutes later the fire alarm continued, but when the warning signals continued uninterrupted even after the following reporting, the editors decided – reasonably – to end the broadcast early. Instead, a better “Live nach Neun” appeared for a few minutes.

However, the problem was solved shortly before the end, so Varell and Schreder stood in front of the camera again – now back in a quiet study environment. It was a false alarm, Schreder explained. “Everything is fine. However, as a precaution, you had to leave the studio.”

The 1000th episode of “Live nach Neun” was aired just the day before – an anniversary that one would hardly expect in 2018, when ARD magazine began to compete with the long hit of ZDF “Volle Kanne”. quotes are initially. quite manageable. However, since the first year, the market share of the total audience has doubled from less than five to more than nine percent. On average, almost half a million people now tune in every day.

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