Buzdar is going to court after the Punjab government provided ‘defective’ vehicles

Former Punjabi Chief Minister Usman Buzdar talks to reporters in Faisalabad, October 26, 2021 – APP

LAHORE: Approaching the Lahore High Court (LHC) once again, former Punjabi Chief Minister Usman Buzdar complained that the provincial government had assigned him “faulty and faulty” vehicles.

“… the vehicles delivered to the applicant (Buzdar) are not working and are also defective,” the former chief minister’s lawyer said on Friday in a petition filed on his behalf after the case was transferred from the Multan bench to Lahore.

The petition states that the employees were not delivered or joined to Buzdar, and it is necessary to “emphasize that the police officers who were delivered to him do not perform their duties in an efficient and well-organized manner.”

It is further stated that, as prescribed in section 21-A of the Punjab Ministers Act (salaries, allowances and privileges) of 1975, Buzdar is entitled to special benefits and privileges, including the provision of staff members, police officers, vehicles, etc.

“… Other benefits in terms of the above provisions were not provided to the applicant, and therefore this current application before this Court of Honor,” the petition reads.

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