Carolin Kebekus says goodbye with a good result

Instead of the previous eight, the third season of the “Carolin Quebec Show” now included nine episodes – and this ninth extra episode, to which Torsten Sträter was a guest, gave the format a new record to say goodbye to. : with a market share of 10.5 percent among 14- to 49-year-olds, the values ​​achieved in recent weeks have faded.

Temporarily weighted market shares with no delay use were recently only between 3.4 and 6.6 percent and thus at a fairly measured level. At the end of the season, the total reach of 0.98 million viewers was also higher than the season average, which is below 900,000 with an average reach. In order to succeed with the new generation, ARD must be able to overcome the fact that the market share among the total audience remained manageable at 7.3 percent.

Market share trend: The emergence of Carolin Quebec

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from 3 years
14-49 years old

Things also went much better for “Alfons and the Guests” after last week, the market share between 14 and 49 years old doubled to 6.1 percent, the total reach increased by 180,000 to almost half a million viewers. After “Nachtmagazin” we continued from 12:45 with Carolin Quebec, who had set up her “DCKS Festival” in Cologne in response to the low percentage of women in classical music festivals.

At 12:45 a documentary was shown tracing the road to the “DCKS Festival”. At least 230,000 viewers were watching TV at the time, and the market share between the ages of 14 and 49 was 6.9 percent. Then another half hour took place with the main points of the concert, which gave 8.0 percent the first market share among the new audience from 1:45 am. An average of 190,000 people watched it here.

Source for all data in this article: AGF Videoforschung in cooperation with GfK; videoSCOPE 1.4, market standard: TV

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