Cherrypicker launches a new offshoot of Sakura with Dirk Haase

The services offered by the new branch include the entire marketing ecosystem of the company including its agency partners. Anyone who orders Cherrypicker Sakura will receive an analysis of their marketing structures and suggestions on how to change and redesign them. The role of the agency’s existing partners should always be considered. There are currently five customers on board. The name Sakura – Japanese for cherry blossom – means departure and is intended to symbolize awakening and flowering.

“The customer world will become increasingly complex in the future, which will also require flexible and adaptable organizational and work models. Structures and processes in marketing that are common today, and sometimes over 40 years old, are usually time consuming. its limits. ” , Cherrypicker boss Klein explains why he thinks a new offer is needed.

Since 2019, the partner responsible for Sakura, Haase, has expanded the range of services of the consulting company VIM Group for brand management and implementation. He has experience in time marketing in agencies such as Springer & Jacoby, Scholz & Friends, Kolle Rebbe, Jung von Matt, Gürtler Bachmann, JWT and Publicis. As a director, he was responsible for business development.

“In recent years, during the selection process, I have often dealt with sustainable agency models and the question of how they too can be implemented cleanly and efficiently after a successful decision. Often companies and agencies lack the time, capacity and those needed to realize their potential. these innovations, ”says Haase. mom

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