Construction is scheduled to begin here in 2022

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In 2022 there will be construction again at one time or another.

In 2022 there will be many construction sites in Friedrichshafen again, some of which will restrict traffic. Traffic Department personnel in the Office of Citizens Service, Security and Order have to coordinate several projects so that restrictions on road users remain as low as possible. In addition to the construction projects of the municipal building authority, the actions of the district office for the Lake Constance region, the regional council in Tübingen and Stadtwerke am See GmbH also include the construction projects of the builders.

Throughout the year, various special construction measures have been added, which make it necessary to narrow or temporarily close parts of the road in whole or in part. They are usually offered on short notice by builders and may cause additional obstacles.

Compared to 2020, construction activity in the city has remained almost the same. In 2020, about 1,100 closed roads have been approved, partial closures and lane narrowing, and bike lanes and pedestrian lanes closed. In 2021 they remained almost the same and were about 1010 building measures. “The large number of construction sites shows how important good overall coordination of actions is in order to minimize the disruptions associated with them,” says Hans-Jörg Schraitle, Head of the Office of Citizens, Security and Order.

“Due to the Corona pandemic, planning actions is difficult and we have to deal with high risks related to deadlines and costs,” says Wolfgang Kobler, head of the City Building Office.

Construction actions planned for 2022 by the City Building Authority

Construction work at bus stops
In 2022, the City Building Authority is again planning to make many bus stops barrier-free. In the second quarter of 2022, it is planned to renovate the bus stops at Albert-Schweizer-Straße, at the Ailingen School Center and at Markdorfer Straße. Construction work on Markdorfer Strasse will take about ten weeks. During this time, the road is closed on one side.

Renovation and expansion of road surfaces
Construction area – remaining works on the road surface:
The remaining work on the road surface is scheduled to start in the second quarter of 2022. The work will take about two weeks. The street must be completely closed.

Alt-Allmannsweiler business district: The road surface in Pflugweg will be completed in 2022. The remaining upper layers in the commercial area will be installed in 2022/2023 due to building construction activities that are not yet completed.

Lachenäcker building area in Kluftern: A year and a half was planned as a total duration. Beginning in the third quarter. This can lead to obstructions on Markdorfer Straße.

Southeastern Allmannsweiler construction area: The remaining works on the road surface are planned for the second quarter with a full week-long closure.

Cornflower Street / Bodensee Street Roundabout: Construction work began on April 4 and is expected to continue until July 8. During this time, the roundabout and the Bodenseestraße are completely closed. Both procedures are performed simultaneously in order to make the closing period as short as possible.

Cycling measures
Velloring PA 2/1 Wagershausen Tunnel:
The procedure is expected to be implemented in the third quarter.

Veloring BA 2/0 Mühlbachsenke: The procedure is expected to be implemented in the fourth quarter.

Expansion of the Lake Constance cycle path between Fischbach and the new B 31: The construction project is scheduled to be implemented in the third quarter. It is likely that work will be carried out with a half-way closure of the B31 Alt – Fischbach on the old B31. The expansion takes about three months.

sewage works
RW Buchholz channel: Work is expected to take place in the third quarter with a complete 8-week closure of the Community Link Road.

RÜB 4 Retention Soil Filter: The channel will be operational from the second quarter. These operate from Dornierstraße – Domain Street – MTU – Manzell Leisure Area.

Construction of the Karl Olga Park Canal Phase II: The second construction phase begins in the fourth quarter.

Ettenkirch sewer regeneration (Ettenkircher Straße / Landvogteistraße): Work has already started under complete shutdown. It is expected to last until October 2022.

Albrechtstraße / Maybachstraße: Improvement measures for cycling and greening. The remaining work is currently being carried out.

Redesign of Friedrich Street: It is carried out in accordance with the decision of the Municipal Council in 2023.

Driving engineering improvements at the junction Manzel Schnitzenhauserstrasse / Zeppelinstrasse: Work will be under complete closure at the Zeppelinstrasse entrance. It is expected to start in the third quarter.

Planned surface renovations in the city area:
Crossroads Ekkehardstrasse / Hauffstrasse
Level crossings along Zeppelin Street
heap burger
Unterraderach Roundabout
Dr. Square Royce
Renovation of a common paving on the roundabout of Ailinger Straße
Appenzell Street

Subsequent marking of the traffic light at the intersection of Waggershauser Strasse and Jettenhauser Strasse: The measure is planned for the second or third quarter. To do this, the intersection must be closed for the whole day.

Renovation work for the Eichenmühleweg pedestrian bridge over Mühlbach: Work on the footbridge will be carried out for four weeks in the third or fourth quarter.

Dismantling and assembly of the bridge railing BW 527 Bridge over Lipbach / Markdorfer Straße: The planned procedure should take place in the third or fourth trimester with a half-week shutdown of 4 weeks.

Planned measures Stadtwerk am See
The measure is planned in the third quarter. A halfway block is required for this.

Corridor way: The measure is planned for the second quarter. A halfway block is required for this.

Glückstrasse: The measure is planned in the third quarter. Full insurance is required for this.

Haselweg: Measurement is planned for the second to fourth quarter. Half of the path must be closed.

valley: The measure is planned in the third quarter. For this purpose, complete closure is necessary.

Sandöschstrasse: The measure is planned in the third quarter. The work will be carried out halfway.

Werthmannstrasse / Alamannenweg: The measure is planned in the third quarter. It is expected that the work will be carried out with a half-way and a complete closure.

Fiber-optic delivery area Manzell, Jettehausen and Schnetzenhausen: Action planned to take place in the third or fourth quarter below the middle of the road.

District office planned measures
Tunnel closures in Wagershausen and Riedelpark:
From October 26 to 27 and October 27 to 28, the two tunnels will be closed between 7 pm and 6 am for cleaning work.

Planned measures Tübingen Regional Council
The Regional Council in Tübingen is planning a lane renovation as well as a lane and turn lane renewal on the L207 motorway (Emmenstadt in the direction of Klovern).

Immenstad – Kelverton: regeneration corridor (broch They are designed to allow small streams of water to pass through the dam). Half of the path will be closed. Traffic is regulated by a traffic light. The executions are expected to last eight weeks from June to August.

Road and bicycle path rehabilitation: Road rehabilitation in four construction phases with complete road closure. Renovation of the course path in construction phases 3 and 4 with complete closure of the course path. Implementation takes about 6 to 8 weeks from September/October.

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