Cornelia Poletto comes with Kleine Moorweide with “Palazzo”.

Cornelia Poletto comes to the green area of ​​Dammort with the “Palazzo” mirror palace. Its approval is subject to certain conditions.

Recently, Amesbüttel politicians have not yet decided. Should Cornelia Poletto’s dinner be shown? Palace moved from Deichtorhallen to Dammtor? Now a decision has been made Palace-Mirror Palace is allowed in Kleine Moorweide.

The members of the main regional committee gave their approval for the guest of the dinner show. While the final vote of the regional assembly is still pending, it is expected that it will follow the proposal of the technical commission.

The Palazzo ticket must contain an HVV ticket

The approval is related to some of the conditions that the SPD parliamentary group requested in the application in Amesbüttel. This includes everyone Palace– The entrance ticket must contain an HVV combined ticket. And Palazzo Ltd: should completely restore the Kleine Moorweide lawn after using it on its own.

In addition, the administration must approve only the period from October 2022 to March 2023. Then the game time ends. An assessment should then be made to decide on the possibility of further use in the coming years.

A small swampy pasture that is easily accessible without a car

“We are delighted to have a good compromise that will enable this artistic and culinary event to take place in the heart of Hamburg this year,” said Maurice Altner, SPD Key Area Officer. Kleine Moorweide has the advantage that the area can be easily reached without a car due to its central location at Dammtor train station.

For SPD, first of all, it is possible that the green area is completely restored after the winter at the expense of the user.

It is believed that the lawn is recovering

That’s exactly what CEO Michael Topfer is all about Palazzo Ltd:, promised the members of the main regional commission when they presented their plans in early May. “We return our seats because we accept them,” he said. What do they have? Palace Proven in other cities.

The premise is that Kleine Moorweide can actually only be used as an event space outside of the fall-winter months. This gives the lawn enough time to recover.

The initial sale of “Palazzo” has started

However, the show, which consists of acrobatics, music and four dishes created by the famous chef Cornelia Poletto, takes place from November to March. This problem must be solved with the promise of replacing the lawn after use.

Meanwhile Cornelia Poletton և Palazzo Ltd: already rely on the obligation. For months, the team has been advertising the new 2022/23 season on its website. Ticket prepayments have also started long ago. only there was no information on the exact location of Spiegelpalast. You can now add this important information.

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