Die Cutlerei. A new place will open for cultural life, a good meal and a good view

Sebastian Caputo, Wolfgang Wagner, Peter Janoske արի Mario Virgolini hosted a DIE CUTLEREI toast at Berg am Laim.

At Berg am Laim, Sebastian Caputo, Wolfgang Wagner, GFs DIE CUTLEREI և co-investors Peter Janoske, head chef ներկայացնում present to Mario Virgolini their new stylistic environment with a great dining, lounge, good և cultural stage. After just one year of planning and construction, they celebrate their brilliant performance with a good view of the Munich Dinner Club in the new MACHEREI area where the brick factory once stood.

Now the open-air stage with a view of MACHEREI’s impressive architecture is used by DJs, live bands and classical music. It has everything you need to be your favorite place after dinner and work. Today The Makemakes և Söhne Mannheims play their best songs there. There are also wonderful effects in the new multi-lounge lounge, bar, and dinner club, with their beer-filled, affordable delicacies, despite Gruell caviar, their own happy oysters, and Bavarian suppliers, such as water buffalo breeding. , Altötting, which also attracts a young audience should. Every aspect of the exit can be felt through the many creative details. The brick wall, as a tribute to the old brick factory, makes the high rooms comfortable և comes from the concept of Derenko Design, Vienna. Large glass elements և wood contrasts support the industrial style. The HIGHLIGHT is a giant 14 m long pole where Roger Heiser demonstrates his mixing skills, bringing souls up stairs, sometimes to a dizzying height of 7 m. He recommends his Thyme Crime – a mixture of gin, fresh thyme, organic rhubarb nectar և cinnamon. The service serves good wines and champagne for a good meal. The DJ pavilion creates a wonderful atmosphere in the center of a diverse venue. The kitchen team, led by chef Peter Janoske, attracts fans of excellent international cuisine. He describes his works as French-Mediterranean with Asian-Bavarian influence. He brings experience from stellar’s toasted cuisines that even tasted good in the Champions League in London.

Benno Niederviser, with his international experience, partly from stellar restaurants, loves to lead a new world of club experience, easily accessible from the Ostbahnhof կենտրոն Exhibition Center. Sebastian Caputo concludes. “We give the people of Munich the experience of a very high quality culinary, cultural and price structure, which should be on the ground, therefore, accessible to everyone. A new place for cultural life, a wonderful dinner and a good view can be booked for events of up to 200 people. Welcome to the creative creators of the new club style restaurant.

Restaurant seats: 110
Lounge / Bar: 40
Outside seats: 120 plus a standing table և open-air bar for about 40 people
Total closed area – 460 square meters
Living room: 320 square meters
Rod 14 meters long – 7 meters high
Interior design by Derenko Design from Vienna
The total investment is 2 million euros
Team: kitchen 8 bars: 3 service / reception 10
Head: Sebastian Caputo (operative) և Wolfgang Wagner
Cook: Peter Janoske
Manager: Benno Lowerviser
ADDRESS: Die Cutlerei GmbH, Berg am Laim Str. 103, 81671 Munich:
OPEN HOURS: Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 20:00, և
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