Duo Zahra’s father is withdrawing a petition against SHC’s verdict

Mehdi Kazmi (L) and Dua Zahra. – PPI / Screengrab from the interview

ISLAMABAD: Dua Zahra’s father, Mehdi Kazmi, on Thursday withdrew a petition to the Supreme Court challenging a decision by the Sindha High Court (SHC) allowing his daughter – who mysteriously disappeared from Karachi in April but later said she was running far. from her home to marry 21-year-old Zaheer Ahmed – to decide where she wants to go, with her parents or husband.

According to details, SC closed the case after Mehdi Kazmi’s lawyer pleaded in court that his client wanted to withdraw his claim.

On June 18, Mehdi Kazmi launched the SC against the SHC ruling that allowed his daughter to decide her fate. In his petition, Kazmi asked the SC for an urgent discussion of the case and called the SHC’s decision wrong.

The petition also states: “Medical documentation reveals that Dua is 17 years old. According to the National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) and academic documents, she is 14 years old.”

At the beginning of today’s hearing, the Supreme Court asked if a meeting had been arranged between Due Zahra and her parents.

Mehdi Kazmi’s lawyer informed the Supreme Court that her parents were allowed to meet with Zahra for only 5 minutes in the presence of the police in the courtroom.

Supreme Court Judge Sajjad Ali Shah noted that a medical committee had been set up by order of the court to conduct a medical examination of the girl.

Judge Munib Akhtar asked Kazmi whether he had appeared in court to get her daughter back or challenged her ossification test.

Kazmi’s adviser replied that they had written a letter to the Minister of Health in this regard. He said that the police annulled the abduction case in class “C”.

After hearing the plaintiff’s arguments, the higher court upheld its judgment. Judge Sajjad Ali Shah noted that they are deciding the case today at your request. During the break, lawyers were told the court would resume the hearing soon.

During the proceedings, Mehdi Kazmi withdrew his request and the case was closed.

‘Will cause ossification test due to Zahra’

Speaking to reporters outside the SC Karachi Registry, Kazmi’s adviser said he would challenge an ossification test conducted on Dua Zahri to determine her age.

He claimed he would turn to the health minister to form a medical board to determine Duo Zahra’s actual age.

The lawyer said they would move SHC if the health secretary did not accept their request. Dua Zahra was forced to lie, he added.

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