Eimsbüttel’s local online offline market is open

Welcome to “eimsbuettel.shop”. Eimsbüttel’s new local online marketplace opened today. There were Finance Senator Andreas Dressel and Economics Senator Michael Westagemann. How does the project want to revolutionize online shopping?

It is almost impossible to go to Linda Langer’s “Imitation X” store today. Cameras and reporters walk through a small shop, with Economist Senator Michael Westageman (independent) and Finance Senator Andreas Dressel (SPD) in front. “Can we buy something right away?” He asks. They all have to start eimsbuettel.shops: came. The pilot project aims to enable online shopping through Eimsbüttel stores, thus boosting the local economy, which has been damaged by the Corona.

«Eimsbuettel.shop». Local և online. both are possible.

Founded by: eimsbüttel.shop: Jan Hildebrandt և Pierre Manier. The idea came from the “Save Amsbuttel” initiative. Eimsbüttel News: He called for local purchases during the coronavirus epidemic. While neighborhood stores struggled to survive even more than they already did, large online corporations won. Support local businesses և still make comfortable shopping from home. Isn’t it possible to do both?

The euro should stay in the quarter

It works, the two find և have with it eimsbuettel.shop: has created an online marketplace that should work like Amazon, only local. “Because the euro spent in the area can be circulated here for a while to save the economy,” says Jan Hildebrandt. “When he goes to Seattle or Berlin, he never comes back.”

Economic Senator Westhagman in a conversation with the founders of “eimsbuettel.shop”.

In-store customers can shop through one of several Eimsbüttel stores. Goods from Harjan come to them the same day by truck. “We understood the need for ‘targeted convenience’ among people. “They want to support small, local stores without compromising on the benefits of modern online services.”

Stable delivery from “eimsbuettel.shop”

Stable – local, the Senate is also following this line, Finance Senator Dressel announced on the website today. That’s why they started the project with the support of the so-called restart fund Osterstrasse eV: has been pushed forward. He is convinced that such a project will work in Eimsbüttel. Where stable և neighborly coexistence is possible for people. “It’s just perfect for this neighborhood.”

Economist Sen. Vestagemann emphasized sustainable bicycle delivery. This eases the narrow streets of Amesbüttel, which are often blocked by large parcel delivery vans. And the distances will be significantly shorter, says Hildebrandt. “If something is shipped from Osterstrasse 17 to Osterstrasse 170, bypassing the logistics center is unnecessary.”

“The potential is great”

Store owner Linda Langer also hopes the idea of ​​an online marketplace will ease the parcel situation. Amazon packages are often delivered in its store. he lags behind with a lot of effort, without a sale. From his participation eimsbuettel.shop: on the other hand, he expects less effort և more sales.

And he sees this as an opportunity. Eimsbüttel labels can sell their products that they “produce hidden in their living rooms” and do not have their own retail space.

With Imitation X, Langer is one of the top 20 stores to offer its products on the market. However, the two founders see much greater potential. At least 200 other Eimsbüttel stores consider them convenient to enter their market (interested stores can apply directly here). And as soon as the project is launched here, it will be extended to other parts of Hamburg.

The two senators also hope that the bill will be caught. By the way, at the end of the event, they actually bought something, two bags from the gym, with the words “Hamburg is like Berlin, only warmer”.

Note: EMU Eimsbütel Media UG (Limited Liability Company), also published by Eimsbütteler Nachrichten, is involved in eimsbuettel.shop.

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