Erich Tim sells asparagus, thus supporting Filmraum

Erich Tim, 71, is collecting donations for Müggenkampstraße’s Filmraum. To do this, he cycled more than 60 kilometers several times a week to collect asparagus.

He keeps moving for a good cause. Since mid-May, Erich Tim has been cycling from Amesbüttel to Nordheide every week, where he cuts asparagus and sells it at his door. His goal was to provide financial support to Müggenkampstrasse’s Filmraum.

In April, the 71-year-old man took part in the Hamburg marathon to collect donations for various clubs.

Sports և Solidarity

For his Donut Asparagus project, Tim and friends hired an asparagus line from Hoff Oelkers in Wenzendorf. To assemble the range of about 300 meters, the team regularly rides a bike ride to Nordheide, usually accompanied by a friend or supporter. During the harvest days, he travels 50 to 70 kilometers. Ferry crossing to Finkenverder is not included.

The team started doing this two years ago after the onset of the coronavirus epidemic. When everything was closed, the 71-year-old did not want to sit in the apartment. “I like the sport challenge.” Especially when it serves a good purpose. And that’s what he does. After Tim collects the asparagus, he sells it in front of his apartment at 44 Tornquiststraße. Proceeds go to Filmraum.

Asparagus fundraiser

The neighbors and the residents are happy for that. “Best Asparagus” և “Great idea” customers said when Team set up an asparagus kiosk last week. The team is asking for a donation of five euros per kilogram. He carefully weighs the amount with the kitchen scale, usually adding one or two extra sticks.

The team cuts asparagus in the North Valley and sells it at its door. Photos by Erich Tim և Julia Haas

So far, the team has collected several hundred euros. He only wants to find out how specific when the donation is handed over.

Buy asparagus on Thursday

As a regular visitor to Filmraum, Tim is aware of the corona-related burden on operators. “They were hit hard by the epidemic.” Now he wants to make his contribution “to ensure that this gem of cinema can continue to redesign, show his own program with wonderful films from around the world.”

The promotion is valid until Saturday-Sunday. Before that, the team will reach Nordheide twice by bike. The collected asparagus can then be purchased on Thursday, June 23, from 7:00 pm, on Sunday, June 26, from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm or by appointment ([email protected]) at Tornquiststraße 44. The amount of the donation will also be announced on Sunday.

“Toast to the long life of cinema”

Erich Tim Film Filmraum cameraman Behzad Safari invites you to do so on Sunday, June 26, from 3 to 5 p.m. There will be a small drink at 44 Tornquiststraße. All those who want to celebrate are invited. Cake donations are welcome, but not required.

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