ESC 2023 not in Ukraine: EBU defends the decision

As previously predicted, the Ukrainian contribution of the Kalusha Orchestra emerged as the clear winner of this year’s Eurovision – which should certainly be seen as a sign of solidarity with the country attacked by Russia. However, the EBU, as the organizer of the European song contest, faced the problem of deciding whether such an event with its long duration for next year could be given to a country that is currently in a fight for which no one knows. how long it will last.

Therefore, last week the decision was announced that this was not possible due to security concerns and that instead they were looking for an alternative organizer. As a result, there was much criticism of the decision on both Ukrainian radio and Ukrainian politics. Finally, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whose country is considered the most likely replacement host, spoke in favor of hosting the ESC in Ukraine.

Now the European Broadcasting Union has again spoken out and defended its decision. We have a “full sense of disappointment”, but the decision is necessary to ensure the safety of all those involved in the event. “Typically, at least 10,000 people are accredited for the Eurovision Song Contest, including crew members, staff and journalists. Another 30,000 fans are expected to travel from around the world. Their well-being is our main concern,” he said. EBU.

The decision on the venue of such a “complex live television event” should be made by broadcast experts and should not be politicized, he said. The ESC rules, agreed upon by all participating broadcasters, provide for a transfer in the event of force majeure – involving a war. It was again asserted that the decision had not been taken lightly and that external security reports had been received, in which, despite the proposed countermeasures, the risk of many casualties in the event of an attack on the event in the event of a conflict that subsequently continued. was classified as “high”.

The idea of ​​holding ESCs to minimize risk in a border area near a neighboring country cannot be implemented because there are no suitable facilities and infrastructure needed for such a mega event, it is said. The EBU also notes that no further international concert tours are planned in Ukraine for 2023 and for the NATO Secretary General’s assessment that the war could last for years. “In view of all the above, the EBU has regrettably decided to relocate the event to another location and will continue talks to find a suitable venue for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest. We are happy to we start with our Ukrainian member AI: PBC we continue to work together on all these issues “, concludes the EBU.

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