Europol scam in Wesel district: That’s behind the call

Wesel district.
Police in the Wesel district have registered several fraud attempts with the Europol scam – how to respond to these calls.

It rings. And suddenly Europol should have called. Or the Federal Criminal Police Station. The voice on the other end said: In Mallorca, arrest warrants against close relatives will be executed unless large sums of money are transferred immediately. In one way or another, fraudsters today try again and again to get people’s savings. Police in the Wesel district recently recorded several cases of this fraud.

Telephone fraud in Wesel County has always been a problem

The caller pretended to be an employee of the police authorities, the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), Europol and Interpol. The BKA has long warned against these calls, which often target the elderly. The perpetrators appear to have had a different story, claiming, for example, that personal data had been stolen from those affected and that criminals were now allegedly planning to use it to commit crimes. The perpetrators used special technical procedures for their calls, which is why their victims were shown a phone number that actually belonged to Europol/Interpol or a German police station, according to a warning from the Federal Criminal Police Office.

Björn Haubrock knows such occurrences quite well. “It might even appear 110 as a number on the screen,” said a spokesman for the district police authority. “Emergency calls are a one-way street, we never call 110, but landlines.”

Apart from the Europol/BKA scams that have only been used for some time: fake police officer reports or a purported shock call, for example, one’s own daughter or son killed someone in a traffic accident. “These scam attempts often happen in waves, and then many cases are reported to us at once. The scammers keep coming up with new stories.”

The last successful fraud in Wesel County was in May

Despite all the warnings, it’s not just about trials. People regularly let the perpetrators surprise them and waste a lot of money – also in the Wesel district. More recently, in mid-May, the police reported several successful phone scammers in just one day, with senior citizens transferring their savings to strangers. “This money usually goes away,” Haubrock said. Because the criminals acting in the background are often based overseas and do the work on location by his accomplices.

But even those who react properly, such as hanging up the phone and alerting the police, can quickly be distracted by the call. Because it turns out that it’s often not just an experiment, especially with the Europol scam. Once your own phone number lands somewhere, scammers can in principle try as often as they like. Because there’s almost no point in blocking numbers – because perpetrators tend to act with manipulated numbers and use different combinations each time.

So there is hardly any simple action against the call, as confirmed by police spokesman Haubrock: “It is best to hang up directly and inform the police.” Because only if real investigators get as complete a picture as possible of where and with what tricks. If the perpetrator tries again, they have a chance to catch him.

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