Explosion in “Am Weiher” park.

The children came across a grenade while playing with a metal detector on Wednesday evening. The explosives cleaning service has been moved to demolition.

They came out with a metal detector looking for the hidden treasure. Instead, they found another find. The children were hit by a World War II grenade at Am Weiher Park in Amesbüttel on Wednesday evening.

This is a hand grenade that detonates a lot of debris when it explodes.

a grenade exploded

Police spokeswoman Florian Abbensett said the children started digging as soon as their detector was turned off. They found the projectile, which was under the reeds on the shore.

Shortly afterwards, the fire service of the fire service arrived to clean the grenade. The police carried out a large-scale blockade.

There was no need to evacuate, as there are no houses nearby. The explosion took place around 21:00, which was clearly heard by the locals.

By June 2020, a similar find had already been made in the immediate vicinity of Am Weiher Street. Relatives of the pensioner who died during the liquidation of the house found the explosive device of a World War II anti-aircraft grenade in the garage. He was also blown up.

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