Frank Vogel on RTL marketing

Frank Vogel on marketing on RTL in times of crisis

Vogel believes that RTL would be “stupid” if it did not bring “strong brands” Gruner + Jahr to the screen, and cites the recently launched “Gala TV” with host Annika Lau as an example. At the same time, there is a “longing for things we know well” among viewers, which is why RTL “Show 100,000 marks” returns to the screen, among other things – how the name will adjust to the euro is not yet entirely clear.

Retro shows also distract from long-term crises like the Ukrainian war. In such a news situation, it is not easy to offer the marketer a suitable advertising environment. While RTL completely abandoned commercials in the “acute phase” of the war, Ad Alliance now offers “safe spaces” in the program. For example, shallower topics like time introduce the ad.

The duo also spoke at Screenforce Days about the streaming competition and Vogel’s transition from print to television. And they both agree: people who claim to no longer watch television are “lying anyway.”

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