Grimme Online Award 2022: From “Cui Bono” to Scobel

The Grimme Online Award was unveiled at Flora in Cologne on Thursday evening – for the first time in three years there was a face-to-face event. It turned out that the podcast trend has reached Grimme as well: several podcast projects were awarded, including “Cui Bono: WTF happened to Ken Jebsen?” by Studio Bummens, NDR, RBB and K2H. With lots of original material, it traces here how an innovative radio presenter and professional media creator can become an ideologically influential ideologue. According to the jury, the high importance is also due to the fact that “the Jebsen character also illustrates the appearance and right-wing instrumentalization of the ‘lateral thinker’ scene”.

Like “Cui Bono”, the NDR podcast “Slahi – 14 years Guantanamo” was also rated in the information category. “Slahi” tells the story of a former prisoner with “room for ambivalence”, according to the jury in its statement, which also praised creators Bastian Berbner and John Goetz: “The two moderators always take different perspectives” and decide “uses productive the popular principle of dialog presentation podcast “. Another award in the information category went to the MDR narrative report “Environment in East Germany”, which deals with the endangered environment in the former GDR area and its impact on nature and climate.

“safespace.official”, an innovative TikTok format from the RBB health editing team, received a Grimme Online award in the knowledge and education category. He teaches a new audience everything about sexuality and changes in the body. With the diverse caste of hosts, the authentically used format and the benevolent transfer of knowledge, according to the jury “did everything right”. In the same category, “Nuclear Games – Atomic Threat” received a GOA from Docmine and the Swiss SRG. The format tells the story in a clever mix of interactive animation and online documentation and thus opens up “to the fates of people who have often remained invisible until now, who have paid for our nuclear power plants and our nuclear weapons with their homes or even their lives “, according to the jury.

In the culture and entertainment category, this year’s awards went to the online offer “In the Dark – A Shine” by the Stuttgart State Gallery and the multimedia report “Kandvala” by Sitara Thalia Ambrosio and Iv├ín Furlan Cano. The “CORRECTIV.Lokal” network was also honored with a special award. The “Scobel” YouTube channel, in which Gert Scobel takes a philosophical look at a variety of topics, from internet history to disarmament, also received the audience award.

“The single, predominant theme of the year – in the media and even more so on the internet, in which all media are growing together – does not appear among the winners of the Grimme Online Award 2022,” the jury wrote in a statement about the war. in Ukraine. And yet the fight against aggression was present at the awards ceremony, for example in speeches praising both the “Nuclear Games” award winner, who deals with eight decades of nuclear technology. “The times were serious, and they are – unfortunately – still so. This is reflected in online journalism,” Nathanael Liminski, head of the North Rhine-Westphalia State Chancellery and Secretary of State for Media, said in a speech. his greeting.

This in turn is a good sign. “Because it shows that we have online journalism that shows us as a company a mirror.” Grimme Director Frauke Gerlach also sees a guiding feature in the Grimme Online Award. “But we also see a strong civil society online, which is rarely in the public spotlight. At the same time, there are a variety of formats that convey not only content but also joy. Last but not least less important, institutions like museums, with their very complex, multimedia websites, how to reach the citizens on the ground in a low way and beyond the exhibitions. “

Prize winners


  • Cui Bono: WTF happened to Ken Jebsen?
  • Slahi – 14 years in Guantanamo
  • environment in East Germany


  • Nuclear Games – Nuclear Threat
  • safe space.official


  • In the dark – a glow
  • Kandvala

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