Interesting Düsseldorf French Festival with great music and food

Modern chanson, boules, culinary specialties and a seven-minute crash language course – all this is offered by the Düsseldorf France Festival.

Enjoy like God in France – this is also possible once a year in our state capital: the French Festival of Düsseldorf has a tradition, which was recently interrupted for two years for a well-known reason. Next weekend, the tricolor can finally be flown in the old city again: from Friday to Sunday, the 20th edition of the Grande Fête Française will be held and once again turn the city of fashion into charming Petit Paris.

Elsewhere between the North Sea and the Alps, the celebrated Franco-German friendship is so grand: more than 100 exhibitors confirmed French talent at the Burgplatz, the Rhine promenade and in the inner courtyard of the town hall. Francophiles can again look forward to culinary and handicraft products as well as cultural and tourist offerings from the French region.

The prodigy of chanson

And last but not least, of course, there will be music from our neighbors – sung in a language that is considered the most beautiful in the world. You can listen to it in the inner courtyard of the town hall. While oysters, champagne and crêpes are served here in an upscale gourmet booth, Timothée Duperray, aka Tim Dup, is on stage. At her first concert in Germany on Friday night (8:30), the French singer’s new prodigy will showcase her songs, which are contemporary inspired by electro and hip-hop. On Saturday night (8.30) duo Les Barbeaux wanted to please the inner courtyard crowd with a mix of violin solos, rock’n’roll riffs and humor. Malène Lamarque and Michel Refutin from Paris have performed famous songs by Maurice Chevalier, Edith Piaf, Charles Aznavour, Jo Dassin and others. In Sunday’s final, The French Gig quartet will take to the stage (4:45 p.m.) to cover yesterday’s and today’s French pop and rock.

Sausage from Savoy, olive oil and tapenade

While visitors to the Rathaushof pay for admission, a walk along the Rhine promenade at the Burghof is free. Initially, the weekly French gourmet market “Les Saveurs de France” welcomed regular patrons with local specialties at around 20 stalls: cheese from Auvergne, sausage from Savoy, olive oil and tapenade from Provence as well as honey, jams, pastries and other delights from neighboring countries guarantee culinary delights.

Burgundy and Breton striped sweater

Burgundy produces not only world-famous wines, but also a special delicacy for gourmets: Roman snails. Pierre Fabre from Domaine Gayrard had the longest trip to the French Festival. He traveled from Toulouse to the Rhine with his wine. Maman Martha serves food from French speaking African countries. French gastronomic representatives in Düsseldorf also indulge their guests with bistro cuisine.

“Non-food” articles complement weekly market offerings. Offerings range from French literature to print and clothing – if you prefer, you can show your flag there in a Breton striped sweater.

France in seven minutes

Games and fun are also provided – for example with a casual throw of the ball on the boules court. The Institut Français doesn’t just offer books, CDs and DVDs at bargain prices in its “Bibliobus”. In addition, the French cultural institute presents a French quiz and a “Speaking Dating” language course promising basic vocabulary in seven minutes.

Tour de Düsseldorf with Citroën, Bugatti & Co.

Meanwhile, automotive history buffs are looking forward to the “Tour de Düsseldorf”, the largest gathering of French classics in Germany with 150 antique cars. Bugattis, Rosengarts and the Citroën Traction Avant “gangster car” and of course the legendary “DS”, also known to fans as “goddess”, can be seen at Burgplatz.

>>> Information about Grande Fête am Rhein:

1.-3.7. Dusseldorf Prancis French Festival, Burgplatz/Rheinufer: Fri 4pm-10pm, Sat 12pm-10pm, Sunday 12pm-6pm, free admission. City hall inner courtyard: Friday 17:00-22:00, Saturday 13:00-22:00, Sunday 12:00-18:00; Fri+Sat €8, Sunday €7. More information is available at

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