“Killerstories”: ARD Degeto order two series

As part of the new series of events “Degeto Campus”, in which ARD Degeto aims to address in the future “important topics, current in the television and film industry”, the winners of two competitions of young talents “Series Award Killerstories “and” Impulse Award “awarded. Concepts for the media center in the field of mystery, horror and suspense were sought for the “Killerstories Series Award”. With almost 100 appearances, it was decided to give two awards instead of one: Josy Scheffler from the German Academy of Film and Television in Berlin received the award for her concept of the series “Sidonia”. Arvid Klapper and Valentin Burkhardt from the Film Academy in Baden-W├╝rttemberg were honored for “Cold, Clean Water”.

The jury statement under the auspices of Christian Schwochow tells “Sidonia”: “Linguistically brilliant, psychologically accurate and atmospherically dense, the concept of ‘Sidonia’ tells a story of loss, identity and forgiveness with a cleverly constructed paranormal. The characters have abysses. “Unexpected., raise questions and imaginatively confuse the levels between reality and intangible worlds. Psychological horror to the maximum.” The series will be produced by Schiwago Film.

The jury justified the choice of concept by Arvid Klapper and Valentin Burkhardt as follows: “The Kaltes Klares Wasser series” enchants with the easy game between unusual images and twists you can not see coming in. The horror genre is created by a variety of elements: a lake that suddenly appears and seems to have a life of its own powerful and inhabited, whose emotional battles with themselves and their past are inextricably linked to the area in the East German provinces. all in a vacuum between past times and a future that has not yet begun to stagnate. ” Studio Zentral will produce here.

Degeto Managing Director Thomas Schreiber: “If we want to make the ARD broadcast platform attractive to newer target groups, we need content that they also want to watch. Innovation, radicalism and diversity must also come organically. “From the streaming platform users themselves. Therefore, from our point of view, it makes sense to approach young filmmakers directly and let them develop their content for us.” Christoph Pellander adds: “Congratulations to the big winners, who managed to fully convince the jury with their projects. We were so enthusiastic that we selected and distributed two fabrics from almost 100 applications, and look forward to their production and realization. We are already “We look forward to it. The ideas are brilliant, clever and, above all, have a narrative power that expands our ARD Degeto portfolio to include the horror genre in a magnificent way.”

The Impulse Award, which has been around for eight years, has a longer history. Winners can look forward to a treatment order in order to be able to develop the material up to the final script for the movie scene on Friday evening early. At least five exhibitions have been filmed in the meantime. This year, the award was announced for the first time with the main theme “Diversity”. Madeleine Hartung and Julia Schubeius from the Academy of Baden-W├╝rttemberg won for their “Jaqueline” exhibition.

The jury statement reads: “In depth and detail, the exposition points to the fragile search for the identity of a short person and convinces with a complex network of plot and characters, who cleverly uses the ‘game elements within the game.’ condense events, ambivalences, and expose the opposing interests of the characters. “Even in the world. as within the family.

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