Light rain could fall in the city today

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KARACHI: The formation of a meteorological system due to humidity and hot weather in the city today could cause rain in the city, according to top meteorologist Dr. Sardar Sarfaraz.

A meteorologist said light rain is likely to fall in Karachi in the evening in the Hub, Gadap Town and Surjani areas, while the Thatta-Karachi coastal belt could also fall before monsoon rain.

He added, however, that the weather situation is not the same as yesterday.

An unexpected but heavy rain after a dust storm in various parts of Karachi on Wednesday night resulted in the deaths of at least four people, including three children.

Heavy rains caused heavy traffic jams on the main roads due to the accumulation of rainwater, and power outages in several areas.

“The unexpected movement of rain-causing cells towards Karachi from Lasbela and Uthal in Baluchistan caused light to moderate rain after a strong dust storm in various areas of Karachi. The highest amount of rain was recorded in Nazimabad of 38 mm “, said Dr. Sardar Sarfaraz. News.

He said the chances of rain in Karachi are low due to the system causing rain active in the country, but extreme thermal conditions in the city and extra humid conditions provide excellent conditions for the movement of rain-causing cells towards Karachi and cause rain.

“Earlier in the day we weren’t sure about the rain, but as soon as the rain cells started forming in the evening in Balochistan and headed towards Karachi, we shared the possibility of rain with the PDMA as well as the media,” he said.

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