“Mountain rescuers” parade “Passau-Crime” only after 21:00

Visible to everyone for the first time: The rating curves of the eight major German full-time mainstream channels, based on measurements from around one million Vodafone families. More background on new dates can be found here. The most important finding from the turns is not who is ahead. The numbers are significant for the measured Vodafone families, but are not weighted, even if the results, based on the experience of AdScanner and Vodafone, are closer to those of the target group 14 to 59.

Most valuable and significant in themselves are the knowledge of shift time, who benefited from them, and the development of achievement within a broadcast. This allows interpretations that were not previously possible without achievable progress per minute or second. For example, if a program had few viewers in the beginning or if it lost massively during the broadcast. The following tariff curves reflect the number of Giga TV boxes lit in the Vodafone households measured.

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With Passau’s thriller “Friend or Foe” and “Mountain Rescuers,” both ARD and ZDF offered the audience only Thursday at prime time. However, public service broadcasters took the lead. What is extraordinary, however, is that the balance of power changed over the evening: while the ARD crime thriller was initially ahead, ZDF was able to take first position after 9pm.

The reason: as viewers continued to lose viewers, the ZDF curve in Vodafone households showed a strong upward trend. After 9:45 p.m., ZDF was also much better than the first in keeping the audience engaged: Both “heute-journal” and “Maybrit Illner” were clearly ahead in the further flow of the first.

After the completion of “Tagesthemen” many others switched from the first to the ZDF, clearly distinguishable from the AdScanner curve: While this initially showed clearly down in the first with the start of the “Carolin Kebekus Show”, Illner recorded in the second. fairly strong gains at this point in time.

So while ZDF consistently benefited from ARD, Sat.1 obviously continued to attract some RTL viewers on Thursday night – this is especially evident in the advertising holiday from “Team Wallraf – Now Even More!” which the Sat.1 rating curve was mainly directed slightly upwards. But that did not change the balance of power: Wallraff was well ahead of “Sat.1 Special” throughout the evening.

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ZapIn and ZapOut is the daily observation of usage behavior with the question: where do the eight largest German full-service channels actually lose their viewers in a day, and from which channels does the audience approach them? Our ZapMap provides knowledge of competitive situations: between which stations is the most intensive audience exchange?

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