“Nurse, because it just feels good.” The Munich Clinic urges to apply for nursing training.

The Munich Clinic urges you to apply for nursing training
What is lacking in the public perception of nursing is what really characterizes the nurse – the high level of professionalism, expertise and responsibility. Photo: Munich Clinic

At the age of 38, after 20 years of gastronomy, partly as a manager, with a desire to start again? Matthias Zöpfl does it “because it just feels good.” During the first wave of the epidemic, he worked as a volunteer at the Neuberlach Ambulance Center. His colleagues became his “personal heroes”, as he says. He saw how everything works in the emergency room, in the trauma room, when people are helped in acute situations. And he really wanted to be a part of it. “Going home և, ideally, being able to say. “Today we saved a life,” that prompted me to go into nursing, “says Zopfl. She is currently in her second year of training as a nurse at the Munich Clinic. Last year, 120 new trainees took the first step towards the nursing profession for a variety of reasons and with great motivation. The Munich Clinic urges school graduates, newcomers, people in transition to do the same, and apply now to begin their training in the fall.

All nursing professions. Applications for training are still available until August 15

At the Inner Academy, with about 500 training facilities, one of the largest nursing schools in Bavaria, the Munich Clinic prepares the next generation of nurses. The application phase for the start of the training in September is currently underway. Those interested can apply for all nursing professions until August 15, 2022. This includes three years of training to become a nurse և three years of training to become a surgical assistant (OTA) or an anesthesia technician (ATA). The one-year Nursing Assistant Training Course is an exciting career prospect for high school graduates. More information about the app: https://www.muenchen-klinik.de/akademie/bildung-schule

Nurse. One job, countless opportunities

From monitoring to resuscitation, from premature babies weighing 500 grams to 90-year-old geriatric patients. The profession of a nurse is pure diversity և professionalism. More than 3,000 nursing staff work in five departments, 60 different departments, and 120 nursing teams at the Munich Clinic. From 2020, nurses are undergoing general training in Germany. You learn how to professionally care for people of all ages և gain EU recognition in all member states. During your training at the Munich Clinic, it is possible to deepen your knowledge of childcare, acute care and psychiatric care.

Operational Technical Assistance (OTA). Sterile side

Surgical technicians work on the sterile side of the gauze. They assist the surgeon, distribute sterile instruments, and operate technical equipment. This requires flexibility, endurance: flexibility.

Anesthesia Technical Assistance (ATA). On the patient’s head

During the operation, anesthesia assistants work on the side of non-sterile ventilation. They care for and monitor patients during the onset of anesthesia during recovery. Compassion and sensitivity are especially important here.

Nursing care. Nursing partners և close to the patient

Nursing assistants in hospitals are very important for the well-being of patients, they have a wide range of problems. In addition to providing basic care, they support patients with mobilization and nutrition, such as monitoring vital signs, measuring blood sugar, choosing the right thrombosis stockings, and taking orders. Anyone who wants to continue their training as a nurse in the future can do so at the Munich Clinic without financial loss ստանալ receive the full salary of a nurse assistant during the training.

Germany urgently needs nursing staff. Within the framework of #BildDerPflege, the Munich Clinic has been providing information on many aspects of job descriptions մամուլի high level of professionalism in press releases և on the clinic’s own social media channels, which often take second place in public perception. lack. The Munich Clinic also regularly provides information on new care measures and projects. More information here: https://www.muenchen-klinik.de/jobs/pflege/zukunft

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