Playhouse holidays provide fun and variety

About 200 girls and boys spent the Pentecost holiday in the theatre. Many children participated in the holiday playhouse for the first time. They had a lot of fun, laughter, playing and crafts.

Boredom didn’t stand a chance here: there was plenty going on in the toy house during the two weeks of the Pentecost holiday. SpielehausFerien’s motto was “Be brave – dare to take your own steps”. In addition, there were performances such as balancing or walking the tightrope, which boys and girls need courage to do. Cooking over an open fire was especially popular with children. “Kids cooking vegetable soup over a campfire, grilling bread on a stick has never gone out of fashion,” says playroom manager Margaret Beck.

There was a club for older guys from the age of 11 and up. Together they opened an alcohol-free cocktail bar where young children can enjoy drinks. The group also enjoyed playing pool in the MOLKE building.

Expeditions to the riding stables are welcomed

Expeditions to the riding stables were planned twice. Girls in particular were very interested in these trips. Upon arrival at the farm, there was first a tour of the stables and then the horses were cleaned. Then the children were allowed to set up a small track and initially lead the horses over it. The highlight of the trip was the horse riding.

Weekly market visit

In order to cook for the other kids, the cooking kids went to the weekly market and bought all kinds of vegetables, then turned them into a delicious meal in the playroom kitchen. “Many of the kids were at the weekly market for the first time. They were excited about everything that could be bought in the market,” says Margaret Beck.

Children also enjoyed trips to the rink in Kitzenwiese and to the wildlife park near Neukirch.

Children become little sculptors

It was amazing what the children made of Y-Tong stones: sculptures, busts, and more were created in the sculptor’s workshop. The resulting small “works of art” can be taken home.

Additionally, kids can do crafts, crafts, knitting, drawing, felting, and carving or hammering nails into the large tree trunk to their hearts content in both weeks.

real success story

For working parents, playhouse holidays are a welcome relief when caring for children and for girls and boys a real holiday fun. “It was a really great two weeks. The kids felt comfortable and there was a good atmosphere between the kids, the parents and the caregivers,” says Margaret Beck. The team of eight Playhouse employees were supported by three childcare assistants. Among the assistants are young people who used to spend their holidays in the theater as children.

If you are 16 years old and would like to support the Spielehaus team with your holidays, you can contact Margret Beck directly by phone at 07541 386729 or by email at [email protected]

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