Right to stay: district warns traffic light plan

The traffic light government is planning the right of residence for tolerated migrants. District president Reinhard Sager sharply criticized this plan.

The district took a stand against the traffic light government’s plan to grant residency rights to tolerated migrants – the so-called Right of Residence – to introduce. “We must do our best to avoid confusion between the right to asylum and the immigration of skilled workers. Things like that don’t go well,” he said. District President Reinhard Sager our editorial team. “Therefore, the federal government will definitely have to put together the bill again.”

A prerequisite for permanent residence in Germany must be a clear identity, demanded the district administrator of the Ostholstein district. The others will become one License for Abuse and uncontrolled immigration.”

Traffic light coalition planning housing opportunities

Federal Minister of Home Affairs Nancy Faeser (SPD) wants permanent residency rights for those who have been denied but are well integrated Asylum seekers make. It’s about people who have lived in Germany for at least five years and only have Duldung. The deadline is January 1, 2022. If they are well integrated, a right of residency must be made for them – initially for one year with an option for more.

According to the draft law, the prerequisite is a commitment to the basic free democratic order and legal and social order in Germany. Excluded are criminals and those who have cheated when their identities are at stake. A safe proof of identity should not, however, be needed – only as a secure livelihood.

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The federal government ignores the risks of abuse and mismanagement. “It’s blue-eyed,” Sager criticized. “Experience from districts and their foreign authorities pointed out that once the asylum procedure was concluded negatively, tolerance had to be extended for many years, also because passport procurement and thus identity clarification were denied.

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