Scholz anticipates the long ice age between Berlin and Moscow

Berlin/Kyiv (dpa) – According to Chancellor Olaf Scholz, Germany and Russia will separate politically for a long time due to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Cooperation with aggressive, imperialist Russia under President Vladimir Putin is unthinkable in the foreseeable future, the SPD politician said on Wednesday in a government statement to the Bundestag at the upcoming summit of the European Union, the G7 group of strong economic democracies and NATO.

At the same time, the Chancellor warned against making false conclusions. “It is not wise for us to denounce the NATO-Russia Founding Act,” he said. That will only play into the hands of Putin and his propaganda. The founding act reaffirms the very principles that Putin explicitly violates: renunciation of violence, respect for borders, the sovereignty of independent states. This should remind Putin over and over again.

Scholz advocates a “Marshall Plan” for the reconstruction of war -torn Ukraine. The impressions he got during his visit to Ukraine last week reminded him of pictures of German cities after World War II. “And just like war -torn Europe did then, Ukraine needs a Marshall Plan for reconstruction now,” Scholz said. To organize assistance, he wanted to convene an international conference of experts as part of Germany’s G7 presidency. Between 1948 and 1952, the USA funded reconstruction in Germany and other European countries with billions of US dollars using the Marshall Plan.

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