The Beatles և Eimsbüttel – new connection

What has the blue Nivea got to do with the famous Beatles song? Paul McCartney explains this in his latest book. The Beatles’ 80th Anniversary Journey.

the time The Beatles ուր Hamburg, many people think about it star club On Pauli. But there is more, a link to Eimsbüttel, completely new to him.

Paul McCartney published a book last winter, which reads: Words:. Or rather, it’s two big books in one box, 156 songs The Beatlesis: wings and explain from the bassist’s solo albums. Where did the ideas for the songs come from? Why did he write them? What does a line of text or a word mean?

Eleanor Rigby with Nivea can be at the door

Example: Eleanor Rigby … But let us read Paul himself.Nivea It was my mom’s favorite cream, I still love it. I thought of this cream when describing the face that Eleanor keeps in a jar near the door. I was a little scared how often women put lotion on themselves. ”

It is about the passage. “Wear the face he keeps at the jar door / Who is it for? All single people / Where do they all come from? So Jar is blue Nivea– may be. This connects Beiersdorf և Eimsbüttel և together we can deviate a little from the background of the song.

Not a song about cream, but about loneliness

That Paul McCartney projectwhich serves as the Bass Beatles music database Eleanor Rigby Thus ․․․ “She broke up with her remarkable songs about loneliness Eleanor Rigby It is difficult on the conventions of basic music, both musical and lyrical. ”

It was the second song after The Beatles yesterday mass use of wires. Eleanor Rigby He does not have percussion instruments, which means: Ringo Starr did not play. John Lennon և George Harrison can only be heard as a choir. One of the audible strings is called Jürgen Hess. Despite all the research, unfortunately, no reference to Eimsbüttel is possible.

The Beatles single did not fare well in the United States

The single was released in late 1966 and reached number one on the UK charts. It did not work out very well in the United States. Eleanor Rigby / Yellow Submarine: was the first The Beatles– After the single PR disaster in the episode of John Lennon’s TV series – Die The Beatles they were “more famous than Jesus”, which led to the burning of the record և radio boycott.

The American poet of the pop era Alain Ginsberg said: Eleanor Rigby It is a great poem. This is what Paul McCartney writes.

Eleanor Brom performed with the Beatles

What else? Paul McCartney elegantly presses the trigger, describes in the text above Eleanor Rigbyhow he met John Lennon at the Liverpool Church Festival. That the inspiration for the name Eleanor came from Eleanor Brom. The actress was with him The Beatles in: Help! happened. She used to know him because he used to go to the same bar in London in the evenings as he did.

The real Eleanor, according to McCartney, had something to do with John Lennon. And that in the passage with Father McKenzie the priest was originally written by Father McCartney. John Lennon thought it was great. But since this was Paul McCartney’s father չէր he was not comfortable dragging his father into a song about loneliness, Paul McCartney took out his Liverpool phonebook and singled out McKenzie.

The policeman parked the car

In the book: One two three fourwhich was released by Graig Brown in April Eleanor Rigby He also pays a lot of attention. He means singer Donovan, a friend of Paul McCartney. When he visited Donovan, the Beatles were quite stoned;

Shortly afterwards, the doorbell rang, a police officer wanted to start, saw McCartney, and quickly changed. Can he park the car for the Beatle? That day, after two extra articles, McCartney came up with the idea for a song that started. «Ola Na Tungee, Blowing his mind in dark in a pipe full of clay. Nivea հետ Everything went well with the song.

“Pop has matured.”

Although. not really. Lennon, who was using heavier drugs than McCartney at the time, became more and more jealous, gradually trying to pick up the song and make it his own. He wrote 50%, then said 60%. He has reached 80 percent, and Pete Shoton, Lennon’s closest friend, says that Lennon’s contribution is “practically zero.”

Greg Brown discusses this for evidence pages. “Why John? Eleanor Rigby so inflate? Maybe out of envy. ” From all the words of the Beatles, “especially this one was praised as much as the right people.” He lists the literature and the music field. The text in which: Nivea– The dose of Amesbuttle plays a role, it had a strong effect. The author quotes one of the critics. “Pop has matured.”

There is more about music in the current issue և Amesbuttel Eimsbüttel News: Magazine No. 27.

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