The Bundestag has decided to lift the ban on advertising abortion

Paragraph 219a has so far ruled that abortion should not be advertised – but in the past this has repeatedly led to doctors not being able to provide detailed information on abortion without the risk of prosecution. That should change now. Physicians are entitled to information in an approved government draft.

In addition to deleting Article 219a, the Bundestag resolution provides for the annulment of judgments against doctors handed down on 3 October 1990 on the basis of paragraphs. This applies to Kristina Hänel, a general practitioner from Gießen, who was convicted in 2017 under Article 219a and has been fighting for years to repeal the item. She sat with other doctors in the Bundestag on Friday at the visitors ’gallery.

Federal Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP) described the previous decree as “absurd and outdated”. Every doctor’s conviction is “one conviction too many,” Buschmann said. “Today is a great day,” Federal Family Minister Lisa Paus said. “Women’s health and self-determination – these are human rights.” Paus stressed that the criminal liability of abortion must be discussed in general.

The left welcomes the repeal of the paragraph – but this step does not go far enough. She also calls for the repeal of Article 218 of the Criminal Code – which would mean that abortions themselves go unpunished.

Union and AfD have expressed outrage over the repeal of the law. Representatives of both parliamentary clubs have repeatedly stressed that women can already get detailed information about abortion and that the right to unborn life must not be neglected.

In order to ensure that “offensive” and inappropriate advertising of abortion remains banned in the future, the approved Government draft envisages the expansion of the so-called Of the Law on Advertising of Medicines. For example, abortions unrelated to the disease would also be covered by the law, which previously regulated misleading advertising of medical devices in other areas. The law has yet to be formally adopted by the Bundesrat, but may enter into force without the consent of the Länderkammer. dpa

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