The City of Friedrichshafen: The Message (23/06/2022): Shaping the Digital Future: The First Digital Haveler Day

Innovation Camp, Workshops, Lectures and lots of information online and on site on Friday 24th June.

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The first digital day will be held in Häfler on Friday 24 June in order to make digitization in the city administration and in the city of Friedrichshafen tangible for citizens. Lectures, workshops, tours, information booths, various aspects of digitization, online services for the Town Hall and current developments in the city of Friedrichshafen will be presented. Several partners are involved, for example Zeppelin University, Police Headquarters in Ravensburg, the Regional Center for Innovation and Technology Transfer RITZ as well as the Media House and School Museum. Events are held all day from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., both online and in person. There is also a so-called innovation camp on the topic of “everyday digital life” – an open conference based on the Barcamp method, where participants develop content and process themselves.

Digital transformation, artificial intelligence, smart city, digital governance, data protection and cybersecurity – terms that are omnipresent. Häfler Digital Day aims to make digital topics more realistic and also provide an opportunity to discuss concerns and concerns as well as opportunities and challenges related to digitalization. Häfler Digital Day shows are aimed at all interested citizens, also outside of Friedrichshafen. There are advisory hours on the Sags-doch Citizen Information Service portal and on online applications from the city administration, on-site and digital tours, and lectures on artificial intelligence, social media and cybercrime. In the “Digi-Café” on Adenauerplatz and in the virtual “Digi-Bar” you can learn about digitization and exchange ideas about coffee and a virtual drink.

Häfler’s first Digital Day is part of the nationwide Digital Day, which is supported by the “Digital for All” initiative: an alliance of more than 25 organizations from the fields of civil society, culture, science, business, welfare and the public sector. The common goal is to promote digital participation in Germany. More information about the nationwide Digital Day is available online at

In the Friedrichshafen City Administration, Digital Day is part of the project, with the long-term goal of creating a sustainable, digital city-oriented administration and city for citizens and employees.

All dates for Häfler’s first digital day can be found at

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