The days of Screenforce are over – and some questions remain unanswered

How does RTL fill the gap left by “super talent”?

For the first time in 15 years, RTL faces the challenge of ending the fall without Das Supertalent. At its peak, RTL alone filled 16 Saturday nights with it, and last year it was still ten. But after ratings had plummeted rapidly with Dieter Bohlen and then dropped completely without Bohlen, the broadcaster set at least a break for the format. However, the broadcaster failed to provide a clear answer to the question of how to fill this huge gap in the Screenforce Days.

With the new edition of “100,000 Mark Show”, “Puppenstars” revived and, in case of a successful summer premiere, maybe even the betting show “I Bet on You” or “Show me yours” actually planned for The Voice of Summer “announced several formats that are also possible for Saturday, but otherwise someone seems to want to be associated with successive events at the moment – such as the” Supernasen “anniversary or the unique revival of” RTL Saturday Night “. a real master plan still seems to be missing – especially one that could take effect beyond this fall for years to come.

Is a “full house” enough for Sat.1 – without a specific program promise?

Daniel Rosemann has announced no less than a “program revolution” for the afternoon: a three-hour show between 4pm and 7pm. It is known that they want to build a whole house for him, in which they want to use different rooms – which suggests that you can present a wide variety of content within three hours. This ranges from the latest news and gossip to consumer advice and self-produced documentary soaps, even Rosemann has promised a return to the ’90s conversations.

On the plus side, it gives creators as much freedom as possible to try things out, identify successful elements, and constantly develop the format – so if the first ratings don’t go overboard, so do optimists in the broadcaster. hard to wait, there are more than adjusting screws that you can turn. The notion that there should finally be an opportunity to address the audience again during the day is certainly not wrong. The only question is: is it still enough today to place such a container in which something different can be hidden every day and at any time, without having a clear programmatic promise, when with the push of a button it can be approximated also. can any desired content be played at any time?

The answers to this will probably only be available after a few weeks in early 2023. And another question about the day of Sat. 1 should not respond publicly until 2023. Channel chief Daniel Rosemann has announced that he will no longer order any new episodes from any formatted reality format. Supply is still secured for a long time with pre-produced or ongoing contracts, but the question is what do you really want to show in the time before 16:00, when “Auf Streife” and its branches do not walk that far sorry, is still open. And how difficult it is to answer, this is seen in the RTL competition, which has not found a new recipe even for the afternoon.

Does the retro trend also have a temporary nostalgia effect?

It seems like entire departments in broadcasters have been busy just searching through their archives for formats that can be reprinted continuously. And big hits like the returns of “Wetten, dass …?”, “Price is hot”, “Go all out”, Raab’s high dive or “TV Total” have shown that it was not a bad idea. Of course, not everything worked – “Balko” or “7 days, 7 heads” say hello – but the rate of decline, which is always seen on television, was lower than with the resumes.

So it is no wonder that people want to continue riding the retro wave, in the coming months shows like “Wheel of Fortune” or “Show of 100,000 Brands” will be exhumed, including formats that were discontinued not long ago, like “My Mann can” or “The Puppet Stars” are back suddenly. The question that is still open is whether there is a real retro trend that goes beyond a brief nostalgic effect. “Go all”, for example, has already dropped significantly during the first season, the second episode of “Price is Hot” was also worse, “TV Total” has lost more than half the opening rate. The formats mentioned are still a success, but it remains to be seen if the downward trend will continue. And it remains to be seen how many formats you can still serve the nostalgia factor.

And where are the plans for Joyn?

Interaction with RTL + has always been the focus of RTL Germany. Warner Bros. Discovery used its display to announce the German launch date of Discovery + and also illustrated its importance as a central building block that unites all content. Of course, that raises the question once again of what Discovery really wants with 50 percent of its stake in Joyn. But not only did Joyn not play a role in Discovery, but the platform only appeared slightly in the Seven.One Entertainment show.

At the same time, ProSiebenSat.1 relies more than anyone else on advertising funding for Joyn and considers the maximum premium package as a trivial accessory. Even more surprising is that the show in front of the advertisers was not used at all to show which of their content – which Joyn certainly produces and which can be reached in particularly new target groups that have difficulty with classic TV – in it really wants. to earn points.

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