The Department of Social Welfare calls for the continuation of free citizenship tests

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Ahead of the autumn, the social and health departments call for the continuation of free tests for citizens. Socially responsible Dorothy Shivin. “Free citizenship tests are especially indispensable for people living in, for example, inpatient settings to receive regular, frequent visits from relatives and friends. Restricting free tests to vulnerable groups is not enough. Then the risk of no visits or voluntary contacts is very high. The loneliness of the injured elderly or people in need of care is not responsible. ”

Particularly for vulnerable target groups, a lasting solution must be found as to how to keep in touch as much as possible, and how to make participation possible without interruption. Against the background of the scarcity of nursing staff, from the point of view of the two municipal departments, it is not justified to put the test back on the shoulders of the institutions. In addition, members of vulnerable groups living independently should continue to have unhindered access to the community (for example, access to care for the elderly, social dining table, and seniority education).

Shivi. “The current economic development is forcing more and more people to save, to push them into poverty. Munich responded with a budget for lunch and dinner. But if you have to pay for the Covid test yourself before taking advantage of these offers, this hinders this voluntary service in the city. Head of Health Beatrix Zurek. Restrictions are really accelerating again, free citizenship tests, the wide range of which is available in Munich, must be maintained. As the number of infections is likely to continue to rise in the coming weeks, քաղաքացին all citizens should continue to have the right to easily find out, without financial effort, whether they are infected or whether they pose a threat to others. In addition, it was very important to assess the infection process so that testing options could be easily accessible to the general public. ”

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