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The first wooden hybrid office building in Munich

The first wooden hybrid office building in Munich. LaSalle Encore + և Accumulata launches TRI construction: leasing operations.

LaSalle Investment Management (“LaSalle”) is developing the first wooden hybrid office building in Munich together with its pan-European Encore + Foundation (ACCUMULATA) Real Estate Group (Accumulata). The approximately 16,000-square-meter project, called TRI, is being built at 31 Elsenheimerstraße. The project was designed in collaboration with the Munich architects Oliv Architekten. The marketing is done in cooperation with the leading CBRE broker և has already started. Demolition work has already begun. The start of construction of the project development, located in the center of Munich Westend, is scheduled for 3/2022. Completion is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024.

TRI is designed for additional, flexible, multifunctional use that meets the diverse and modern needs of users. It combines the requirements of (new) hybrid work, work և life balance, smart buildings և stability, which are increasingly focused on the use of property և are also crucial for entering the office market segment. So-called “common areas”, such as a café / bistro on the ground floor or a balcony on a green roof, are accessible for general use և improve the quality of accommodation. The concept of full service is reflected in the na-boulder block, yoga and recreation area. Here, an optimal balance between the “everyday life” of the world of work is possible. Wardrobes and sinks are available for a direct and comfortable transition from “work” to “life”. The implementation of innovative work concepts has also been considered from the outset և among other things, reflected in individual offices բազմաթիվ numerous creative opportunities for collaboration, for example in backyards և loggias. For state-of-the-art mobility solutions, the property offers bike parking with recharging facilities and the concept of smart underground parking.

The highest standards of stability

Along with the development, the companies are striving for the highest standards of stability in the field of construction, materials և operation, in addition to obtaining a construction permit, they have already reached another important point – the initial certification of platinum from DGNB. This means meeting the highest requirements for stability in new buildings. The name of the project also means “TRI”. This is not only based on the English term “tree”, but also on the basic idea of ​​”transforming ideas”. Innovation, ingenuity և inspiration are combined under this umbrella concept through future-oriented construction, an intelligent building holistic approach, and architecture for quality of living.

Saving resources from cradle to cradle approach

The development of the program follows the “cradle principle” of the circular economy, which, among other things, focuses on the processing of construction materials. Recycled concrete from old stocks must be recycled and reused. In addition, all installed materials and products are documented in a material passport that records where and how the various components are installed. The data obtained from it are available throughout the life cycle of the building, allowing for a transparent, continuous track in the long run, which allows the materials to be used after their useful life.

Following this concept, about 25% of CO2 can be saved during construction compared to conventional construction.2: to be saved. Related CO:2: It has 366 kilograms of CO2:– The equivalents per square meter are much lower than the average reference value of the RICS (Royal Institution of Outstanding Researchers) database for CO2: 1291 kilograms of CO in office buildings2-equivalents per square meter. In addition, the use of wood in the load-bearing structure binds almost 1100 tons of CO2:. Emissions from office building have been reduced by more than 65 percent compared to conventional office buildings, among other things due to the lack of an integrated photovoltaic system, efficient heating, cooling and ventilation systems, as well as a groundwater heat pump. fossil fuel. Rainwater is fed through the irrigation system to the surrounding green areas և covered loggias. The concept of bio-design also gives direct benefits to people. The use of wood as a building material has been proven to increase employee productivity և improve air quality due to its moisture-regulating properties. This in turn has a positive effect on blood pressure, heart rate and stress levels for future users.

David Ironside, LaSalle Investment Management Encore + Foundation Manager, comments: “We are pleased to announce more details about this special project. With its circular economy-based construction, which is based on a cradle-to-cradle approach and the operation of resource-saving buildings, TRI is a pioneer in the field of more sustainable real estate. DGNB platinum initial certification clearly shows this. Property in one of the most popular office sub-markets in Munich meets the highest demands of future tenants in terms of stability, quality, comfort և infrastructure. “TRI will continue to strengthen Encore + ‘s successful performance և ensure reliable future returns for our investors.”

ACCUMULATA Real Estate Managing Partner Marcus Digelman adds: “The start of demolition work is another milestone in the creation of one of the most sustainable office projects in Munich. By partially reusing the already used concrete, but also by creating a material passport, we want to conform to the idea of ​​urban mining, to promote the circular economy in the construction sector. Due to the high quality of the materials used, we not only guarantee the comfort of the user, but also that the materials can be reused. In this way, we create an office building that takes into account the highly evolving demands of users in the New Work era, as well as climate protection. ”

Georg Ilichmann, CEO of CBRE GmbH, says:“TRI” is the first hybrid wooden office building in Munich և perfectly fulfills the changed requirements of office property. It has excellent public transport, ները users will find much more than just “office space”. We are talking about places for meetings, exchanges, communication, creativity and innovation. The wood used is sustainable, in addition to the building infrastructure, it increases the well-being of users in the workplace և building, which is a very important feature for future office landscapes. We at CBRE are delighted to be able to oversee the marketing of this unique building as a leading broker. ”

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