The SPD wants “topless” for everyone in the pool

If the SPD has its way, women’s doubles will soon be allowed to swim in the Amsbüttel pool without a shirt.

Are all breasts the same? At least not in the pool. It is mainly reserved for men to swim uncovered, with a flat chest. SPD Eimsbüttel wants to change that. Through the mediation in the district assembly, the parliamentary group wants to ensure that everyone can miss the top of the pool.

“Discrimination has no place in Amsbuttel.”

“The fact that such gender differences are being created in 2022 is no longer relevant,” Paulina Reineke-Rugen of the SPD said in a press release on Sunday.

“It is clear to us that discriminatory dress codes have no place in the Eimsbüttel.” Anyone who wants to should be allowed to go to the pool without a shirt.

The SPD needs support

The settlement should also lead to more clarity. For example, when the bath regulations state “appropriate clothing”. That leaves a lot of room for comment. “Topless for everyone” should become a clear, modern rule.

Paulina Reineke-Rügen is the economic policy spokesperson for the SPD parliamentary group in Amesbüttel. Photo by SPD faction Eimsbüttel

The district assembly will vote on the application on Thursday, June 30. The SPD depends on support there, for example from the Greens, who have the most votes there. If the application is successful, the professional body should work to ensure that women, not twins, are also allowed to bathe naked, in the interests of equal rights.

He imagines that this is not bureaucratic. for example, the rules for swimming in swimming pools can be adjusted. “For those who are injured, you need to know that you will not be thrown out of the pool naked,” said Raineke-Ruge. And not just in the Eimsbüttel pools, but if possible all over Hamburg.

“Topless”. discussion in another part of Germany

The discussion about the incident in Gոթttingen gave impetus to the application. There, a man with an uncovered chest was thrown out of the pool. He stated that he did not introduce himself as a woman, and the pool described it as a violation of the rules of bathing.

This led to a debate in local politics, which resulted in women, not a couple, now being allowed to swim without a shirt in the pools of Gյttingen. If only on weekends ում in the test phase until August 31.

Female breast sexualization

The cause of such cases was the “Everyone’s same breast” initiative, which is campaigning, among others, with a petition so that everyone, regardless of gender, can move around naked. At least where flat-breasted men are allowed.

The movement thus protests against the sexualization of the female breast. “The first thing most children have is the breast,” the initiative writes. “How can it be perceived in society as an adult, as sexualized in itself?”

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