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A new mini-district with 900 apartments between Unnastrasse and Quickbornstrasse is being developed. Ten architectural firms are currently developing their ideas through a competition. When your results are available.

It recently became quiet in the vicinity of a new city district, between Unnastrasse and Quickbornstrasse. Now, four years after the start of 2018, planning is taking it to the next level.

Ten architectural firms are currently working on their projects to build Beyersdorf– Territories. “Structural design research is currently underway,” said Ian Finke, Project Development Manager Beiersdorf Immobilienentwicklungs GmbH:.

City district with 900 apartments

It had a planning purpose Beyersdorf was outlined during the first public event four years ago. It was then that the company first informed the citizens of Amsbüttel about what had happened Beyersdorf– The head office of the company will be built from 2024, a new district with 900 apartments.

The offices now have until mid-July to adjust their plans. A presentation is then made – a preliminary examination by experts who assess whether the projects can actually be built. Public participation in the form of a feedback seminar is scheduled for August 15. And on August 18, the jury will meet separately to choose the winner of the competition.

Central element: adjacent area

Although: a On paper, there will probably be only winners. “It is possible that different ideas will be implemented, not just winning design ideas,” explains Finke.

The requirements of the building are various. The area will be mainly used for living, it will contain only retail trade. The central element should be the area of ​​the district where shops, restaurants և medical centers can be located on the first floors. There are also community areas, lots of greenery and seats. Three day care centers with large play areas, as well as, possibly, accommodation.

It is located right next to the lake Beyersdorf– The headquarters with its semicircular entrance. This is where the new city district should be built. Photo by Matthias Friedel Beiersdorf AG:

A new feature will be the connection of the area to Unnastrasse և Quickbornstrasse with open entrances. There is no way yet Beyersdorf– Complex. Cars should not be allowed in the quarter, there should be an underground parking lot for them with about 500 parking spaces. Pedestrians and cyclists should be given priority in planning.

These wishes and suggestions were in the previous planning ության participation process. Since 2018, there have been public thematic seminars, feedback seminars, transparent seminars. There was also an urban development competition where planning offices developed ideas for the layout of open spaces and buildings.

The city district remains under the control of TROMA

The participation process is called “Stadtmacherei”, precisely because a new small town is being created here, և anyone can participate. Beyersdorf has an office Urbanistan It is instructed to accompany this process ել to summarize it for the public on its own website.

Strictly speaking, it’s not even that Beiersdorf AG: new quarter customer, however Beyersdorf Adjacent ծ Survivors Foundation TROMA:. This is a pension fund founded in 1915 by Oscar Troplovitz և’s partner Otto Hans Mankևich. “The whole quarter stays inside TROMA:“Own property, there will be a 100% rented apartment,” he explains TROMA:– CEO Peter Wenzel.

It is about public acceptance

Involvement TROMA: Ensures that district planning and implementation standards are high. “We are also concerned about the reception of citizens in this process, because: TROMA: it will stay connected to the district, ”Wenzel said.

The relocation of the company’s headquarters from Unnastraße to neighboring Troplowitzstraße made it possible to build a new city district. From 2023, 1000 employees will be transferred to new ones Beyersdorf-Campus, right in today’s production center. Even 130 years later in Amesbüttel Beyersdorf thus closely related to the region.

These are the participants of the project

Aging հիմնադրամ Survivors Foundation TROMA: He is the owner of 3.4 hectares. His և next to him Beiersdorf Immobilienentwicklungs GmbH:on behalf of which the accommodation TROMA: Other actors are involved in a developed, large-scale project.

The Amsbüttel district is responsible for developing the development plan, regulating what can be built.

Office: claussen-seggelke urban development Designs tender procedures, provides advice on urban planning and architecture.

Planning offices ASTOC Architects and Planners and LAND:who won 2019 with their project

Office: Urbanistan, which means participatory urban development, coordinates the participation process. It has also collected all the information on planning status at

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