Thomas Wagner on the new season at Pro Sieben Sat 1

Thomas Wagner on the new season on ProSiebenSat.1.

The fact that more and more streaming services are entering the advertising market “must be taken seriously,” Wagner says. However, he believes that the development “is more at the expense of digital budgets, where everything revolves around clicks”. A pure streaming service doesn’t create a net reach, “in that respect I see it more as an addition to TV”.

For hour 1, Wagner formulates the goal of “improving the rate”. The broadcaster announces that it will no longer broadcast any scripted reality series in the future. Pro Sieben is restructuring Sunday night and wants to show more “infotainment” instead of fun. On the one hand, people in such a tense situation are looking for an escape, ”says Wagner,“ and we offer that too ”. However, as a large media group, Pro Sieben Sat 1 is also required to provide information: “I think the combination makes a difference.” In general, he hopes for a positive semester with a view to the World Cup and Christmas campaigns.

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