TikTok integrates marketing tools such as Hootsuite, Brandwatch and Later

With the expanded Marketing Partners program, advertisers and publishers can now manage their TickTok accounts within the social media management tools they use, Techcrunch said. Initially, Sprout Social, Hootsuite, Sprinklr, Emplifi, Dash Hudson, Khoros, Brandwatch and Later will be integrated with TikTok. In the future, content campaigns can also be planned and run directly through these third-party short video application platforms. In addition, brands should be able to track profile and video metrics in real time and compare data with other platforms.
TikTok launched its marketing affiliate program back in September 2020 to make it easier for marketers to connect with platform users. In addition, target groups and their commitment need to be better understood in order to optimize their own social media strategy for TikTok. Another novelty is that traders can now follow the conversations that take place in the comment sections of their videos on TikTok. The program includes actors from categories such as campaign management, creative, measurement, impact, commerce and sound – which has recently been supplemented by the area of ​​content marketing.

Earlier this month, the company also launched a new five-week program for creative agencies designed to turn them into true “TikTok experts”. The TikTok Pulse advertising solution, which is also fairly new, also ensures that brand ads are in the top 4 percent of all videos on TikTok. The launch of the so-called “Branded Mission” is also intended to help brands more easily than before generate authentic branded content for their TikTok campaigns. Of all the videos that creators create for a branded campaign, the tool can be used to select the right ones – and the creators make money on it. hmb

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