WeField Plants Trees and Bring Forest to Amesbuttel

For a greener city. That is the purpose of WeField. The founders founded Hamburg. After all, there must be an urban forest in Amesbüttel.

Why not just plant trees yourself? This is what the initiators of “WeField” thought. Their goal is an urban forest for Hamburg.

Lasse Peters is one of the founders of the non-profit association based in Eimsbüttel. Together with WeField, he is committed to a climate-positive future and wants to turn unused space into a living ecosystem. Because! “Everyone is talking about climate change, but not much is happening,” says Peters. “Now we want to solve this problem ourselves.” Volunteer along with work and study.

Urban forest for Hamburg – it’s hard

In October 2019, Peters and his brother ները Seven Friends launched the WeField donation project. “More and more buildings are being built in cities and at the same time there is a need for quality green space,” says the architecture student.

They want to meet this need with plantations, bringing them to the city forest in Hamburg. Only. It’s not as easy as it sounds. The founders of WeField quickly opposed the official restrictions. Plant Hamburg? It is difficult.

WeField starts in the village

The project is easier in the area of ​​Hamburg. Peters and his comrades-in-arms get in touch with various courts in the city of Hanseatic and find open ears. Hoff Eggers starts the city forest in Kirchverder, Bergdorf district. The first plantings will start in November 2021. The members of the club և interested persons take part in the action. Together they plant a path around the farm, turning it into a wild deciduous forest with an edible fence made up of fruit and berry bushes.

Other economies will follow. But how does an urban forest get into a city?

One solution: temporary forests

The members of “WeField” thought of something beyond the official borders. The product is called “Dachhain Hamburg” and has been operating since April. With various cooperation partners, such as St. Katarinenkirche in Spicherstad, Hafensit University և city staff. the light Peters We WeField members have found a way to green areas of the city without planting them directly.

In front of St. Catherine's Church, members
WeField members planted trees in wooden boxes in front of St. Catherine Church. The project is supported by BUKEA. Photo by Julia Haas

WeField planted various trees and plants, such as sea buckthorn, service tree, cherry, etc., in homemade wooden boxes and placed them in the square in front of St. Catherine Church in the reserve district. A mobile forest has emerged. Wooden boxes can be moved ավորել arranged as desired. The project is currently funded by the Environment, Climate, Energy and Agriculture Agency (BUKEA).

WeField thinks about projects ecologically and socially

Anyone can participate in the events. For WeField, not only the ecological but also the social aspect is in the foreground. Especially in cities, there is often a lack of green spaces that make it easier to gather, Peters says. WeField invites you to various seminars in front of St. Catherine’s Church. For example, for joint planting, followed by branching.

“WeField” has not reached its goal yet. The next step is the migration of the city forest to the roofs of Hamburg. The members of the association are currently negotiating with Carshtadt on Groninger Hof և Mոնnkeberg in the old town. But here, too, only temporary use would be possible. And then?

Destination: Eimsbüttel

“After wandering the forest through Hamburg, he settled in Amesbüttel,” says Peters. Probably in the schoolyard of Amsbüttel High School. He is here! Negotiations continue. Urban forest means not only a lot of greenery, but also a big bureaucracy. However, the members of “WeField” are not restrained, they are far from the dream of Hamburg city forest.

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