Where does this annoying noise come from?

Is it a heating system or a malfunction of the freezer? For months, neighbors in the backyard of Osterstraße have been angered by a loud voice whose origin no one knows.

The surroundings of Eichenstrasse և Wiesenstrasse may be a bit like Jan և Henry. Every night in the series, they are awakened by an unknown noise, so they have to find out where it comes from.

But while the little amateur detectives always reach the bottom of the mystery and sleep peacefully, the Amsbüttels remain empty-handed. Are you surprised? What is a strange sound that disturbs our nerves?

Noise always sounds for 30 seconds

That was enough for Gerda Felberg. He joined Eimsbüttel News: They reported to draw attention to the issue of their relationship so that a solution could finally be found.

The noise, which is heard up to 20 times a day for months, he describes as a “whistle։ whistle”. And around the clock. It sounds for about 30 seconds and then ends. “Sometimes a little longer or shorter.”

Are public catering establishments a source of noise?

Gerda Felberg lives in Wiesenstraße and believes that the loud voice comes from the direction of Osterstraße. Maybe food facilities have something to do with it? “It could be a ventilation system or a freezer signal that has been left open for a long time,” he said. But he has no more than assumptions.

He first noticed the noise in March, when it was warming up, he was spending more time outside, in the yard. It was heard by the victims he spoke to, they were angry at the constant harassment.

The sound is clearly heard in the inner yard

One of those cases is Thomas Klein, the owner of an outdoor business Tom Clee On Easter Street. His apartment is located on the Eichenstraße, with a balcony overlooking the green inner courtyard. But the voice can be heard especially clearly in this small square, designed by Osterstraße, Schulweg, Eichenstraße and Wiesenstraße.

“If our eight-year-old daughter has to sleep at night, we always have to close the windows,” she says. Otherwise, he will not rest because of the loud voice.

“Just incredibly irritating”

It is high frequency, comparable to heating system noise. He can be heard at 10 pm, 1 pm or 7 am. He talked to everyone in the house about the noise, but no one knew where it came from. “It’s just incredibly irritating.”

With the publication of the problem, the neighborhood now hopes to find the root of the problem. There is also official help. Eimsbüttel’s Consumer Protection և Environmental Protection Office is responsible for noise pollution.

The professional office may initiate an investigation

However, so far no complaints have been received on this issue, reports Cornelia Rosenberg from the press office of the Amsbüttel regional office. In order for the office to be active and investigative, it is necessary that the source of the noise be identified by the victims or by local harassment.

You can also contact the specialist office environmental protection @ eimsbuettel.hamburg.de.

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