Why Amazon allows Alex to speak in a dead grandmother’s voice

Criticism was sparked by the fact that the online group raised the topic of using software to preserve the voices of deceased family members. Alexa research director Rohit Prasad pointed out that many loved ones lost in the corona pandemic. “Artificial intelligence can’t make that pain go away, but it can definitely keep the memory alive,” he said before demonstrating the technique. In an interview with tech blog Techcrunch, Prasad then stressed that the grandmother from the demonstration was alive. – It wasn’t a dead grandmother.

Amazon’s technical breakthrough is that software can mimic voice with so little original data. Before, you had to record the text for a few hours. The technology is experimental and it is not clear whether it will reach consumers. Siwei Lyu, a professor of computer science at the University of Buffalo, expressed concern about the possibility of software misuse. Criminals could pose as family members or someone could mess up the stock market with false statements from top managers, the financial service Bloomberg warned. dpa

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