World: Wüllenweber replaces Schwarzkopf in Washington

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After a little over six years, Steffen Schwarzkopf will step down as director of Welt Studios in Washington and move to Berlin as Welt’s top reporter on 1 July. From here another task is planned in Ukraine. Schwarzkopf had reported from there for several weeks at the beginning of the war. While reporter Nancy Lanzendörfer will initially be in charge of reports from the U.S. capital from July, Schwarzkopf’s successor Michael Wüllenweber will take over the running of the Washington studio on September 1st.

Wüllenweber has been part of the political editorial team at Welt since 2001 – or still N24 at the time, before working for ProSieben. As a political correspondent, he reported on political events in Berlin for the news channel, as well as from abroad, such as the G20 summit in China or Brexit from London. In the spring of 2022 he also settled as a reporter in the Ukraine war.

Michael Wüllenweber: “After three big Bs – Bonn, Brussels, Berlin – comes the big W for me. I’m really looking forward to the challenge of reporting on WELT from the US at a time that is definitely not too politically and socially easy. ” Jan Philipp Burgard, Editor-in-Chief of TV and Image Moving WELT: “Our audience has known and appreciated Michael Wüllenweber for many years. I am very pleased that he will be able to incorporate all of his experience in political reporting into the management of WELT Studio in Washington. ”

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