Your new job is waiting here very close to you!

The new portal brings together job seekers and employers. With FUNKE Medien NRW competence and local focus.

Not a bad starting position for job seekers: two-thirds of all employers today have trouble finding suitable staff, consistent research shows. In certain sectors, such as manufacturing and health and care, the situation is even more stringent. The “war for talent”, the struggle for suitable personnel, is a part of everyday life today. Today, skilled workers in particular have good opportunities in the job market.

But who has a choice…

How do you find your dream job among thousands of offers? Job portals are almost a dime a dozen. Big providers like Stepstone or Indeed have a high national impact. “But it also means that many domestic companies, especially the classic midsize companies, don’t dare to take a step in that direction,” said Dr. Thomas Pieta, industry specialist for the job market at media group FUNKE. “They want regional portals to play on their strengths. ”

This is where the new FUNKE media group portal comes into play: connects job seekers from the region with companies from the region, under the brand protection of the established FUNKE daily newspapers WAZ, NRZ, WP and WR. In this way, people who wish to remain loyal to their homeland can find work nearby.

Targeted search for specific job profiles

“Our special strength lies in the regional and local,” said Pieta. “There we bring in job seekers who bring local loyalty along with companies from their home countries.” And that applies to all sectors: from authorities to mid-sized companies to large corporations. And in all professions. Be it MINT or media, fashion or mobility, to name just a few areas: thousands of offers are just a click away.

“The decision for a job depends on many personal criteria. Salary is only one factor among many. Others are: What are the career opportunities? How does the job fit into my life plan? With, we primarily target people who feel at home in their area – and want to stay loyal to it.” Thomas Pieta, job market specialist has an extensive filter function that allows users to search for specific job profiles. This also applies to internships and mini-jobs. Career beginners in particular have a particular view of what makes companies attractive to them: What benefits does the company offer? What about training and career opportunities? How does the employer’s philosophy fit into my personal values ​​and life plan?

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